North West fishers granted $250,000 bail each over alleged $2M theft

Two fish vendors were yesterday granted $250,000 bail each by the chief magistrate, after they pleaded not guilty to a break and enter charge during which they also allegedly stole $2 million in cash and items.

Eon Allicock, 46, and Leroy Singh, 19, both of Kumaka Waterfront, North West District (NWD), were read a charge which stated that they, on June 15, at Kumaka Waterfront, Mabaruma, NWD, Essequibo, broke and entered the home of James Kingsley Campbell and stole three gold rings, two gold chains, one gold band, 10 cartons of Bristol cigarettes, 90 $500 Digicel cell phone cards, and $1,620,000 in cash, a total value of $2,075,000, the property of Campbell. The men who appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, with their attorney Euclin Gomes, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Eon Allicock (left) and Leroy Singh

Police Prosecutor David Mansel who did not object to the men being granted bail, asked the court to make it a substantial amount. Mansel told the court that $205,000 in cash had been recovered in a room where both of the defendants were staying in, and the money had been identified by the virtual complainant to be his, since he had placed a mark on it.

Meanwhile, their attorney Gomes asked the court for reasonable bail, adding that both men who are fish vendors, are well known in the community. Gomes said that while Allicock has no pending matters in court, Singh has one which is not similar to the offence that he is currently charged for.

Chief Magistrate McLennan subsequently granted the men $250,000 bail each, and adjourned the matter until August 22, when it will be called at the Mabaruma Magistrate’s Court.

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