Sheet Anchor woman died from injuries inflicted by blunt and sharp tools

-accused still at large

A post-mortem examination performed on the body of Mintie Karamchand, 40, of Lot 19 Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje, who was badly beaten and chopped on Wednesday last, revealed that she died as a result of multiple injuries with both blunt and sharp tools.

According to Comman-der of B Division, Ian Amsterdam, the post mortem was done on Tuesday by Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Anthony Funeral Home, around 2 pm.

He noted, that the accused is still at large, however, police are working diligently to place him under arrest. While he stated that investigators have not received any major leads as to the whereabouts of the accused, Goldburn December, also known as “Goldie”, 47, he stressed that the police are responding to every tip they receive.

Goldburn December

He also said, that there is talk that the accused is likely to turn himself into police custody. However, he noted, that this has not yet been done, and as such police will continue the hunt for him.

December, last Wednesday morning, beat and chopped his wife, Karamchand, 40, to death at their Lot 19, Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje, Berbice home. The woman sustained wounds to her wrist and feet, along with several lashes with a wooden bench to her head.

December, after carrying out the  attack around 9.30 am on Wednesday morning, fled the scene with an item looking like a rope, shouting that he was going to kill himself. Persons saw him jump off the Canje Bridge into the Canje Creek, which is located near to the scene of the incident. However, there was speculation that the man might have swum out of the creek and escaped. A police source confirmed to Stabroek News that footprints had been found in close proximity to the Canje Creek.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Drucilla December had explained to Stabroek News that the couple had been together for some twenty-four years, and had five children. However, about eight years ago, her father left the family and went to live in Suriname. However, he was deported from Suriname last month and had moved back into the house at Lot 19, Sheet Anchor Village.

Drucilla confirmed that during the eight years her mother had moved on with someone else and this had annoyed her father.  “He did try touching her and she did tell him that she don’t like it, and I told him don’t touch her and he stopped,” the daughter said. The daughter stressed that although the duo lived in the same house since her father’s return from Suriname, “they were not back together”. She added that since returning, her father would imbibe regularly.

On the day of the incident Karamchand had informed December that she was leaving the home, after which he reportedly used a “chopper” to slash her wrists and ankles.

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