Burnt main causes Demerara-Berbice system shutdown – GPL

The Demerara-Berbice Inter-connected System (DBIS) experienced a second shutdown on Thursday following a burnt high voltage main and a defective line hardware, according to Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL).

The shutdown occurred at approximately 9.35 pm.

GPL, in a press statement, said restoration efforts commenced at 10.03pm and power was restored to most areas by midnight, with the exception of Pouderoyen and Vreed-en-Hoop, West Demerara. These communities remained without power due to an isolated fault in the feeder circuit, it explained.

At 11.45 am yesterday, Pouderoyen and some sections of Vreed-en-Hoop were subsequently repowered, GPL added.

The company said it remained cognisant of the inconvenience caused by the interruptions and offered its apologies to customers. “We continue to inject efforts towards achieving a fault tolerant network,” it added.

The shutdown came half a day after power was restored following a shutdown that was caused when a National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) excavator, while clearing the outfall on Cowan Street, Kingston, came into contact with GPL’s Guy-wire, which supports the structure of its transmission lines.

GPL said the incident caused disturbances on the 69 KV transmission lines which resulted in a total shutdown of the DBIS. Remedial efforts commenced at 8.14 am and all areas were repowered at approximately 9.30 am, GPL said.

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