No arrest yet in Orangestein road death

The police have not made any arrest in the apparent hit and run accident that occurred at Orangestein, East Bank Essequibo around 11 pm on Tuesday that claimed the life of a sailor.

The body of the man, Krishna Sattie, 28, called ‘Tony’ of Lot 35 Alliance, Canal No 2, West Bank Demerara, clad only in a pair of shorts, was lying face down on the road diagonally. He sustained severe injuries to the head.

Commander of ‘B’ Division, Leslie James told Stabroek News that a body was found and although they are treating it as an accident at this point, they are not ruling out other possibilities.

He was employed on a fishing vessel owned by Jagdeshwar Andrew and would stay at Andrew’s home when they returned from sea. He resided at Canal No 2 with his parents and two older brothers.

His mother, Sattie (only name) told Stabroek News that she learnt that her son had returned from sea on the morning of the accident and was consuming alcohol.

According to her, he returned with a friend around 10 pm and Andrew and his wife gave them food. Krishna then said he was ready to sleep and the friend left.

The man and Andrew, who had also been imbibing, fell asleep in two separate hammocks under a shed attached to the one-flat house.

Sattie said her son apparently got up and went on the road a short distance away when he met his demise.

She said he had quit his job at the Wales estate where he worked in the ‘spray gang’ a few years ago to work on Andrew’s boat.

He then stopped that to vend provisions at the Stabroek Market but later returned to work with Andrew.

The woman last saw her son on June 17 when he left home to go out to work with Andrew.

She said she heard the phone ringing around midnight on Tuesday but accidently disconnected the call. Though she was not sure who was calling, she had a feeling something was wrong with Krishna.

Her suspicions were confirmed around 8 am the next day when Andrew’s brother who also resided in Canal, delivered the sad news.

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