Men who attacked Republic Bank wore masks, carried guns – PGS

Professional Guard Service (PGS) today said that the three men who attacked Republic Bank on Water Street this morning wore masks, carried hand guns and opened fire on bank staff in the premises. PGS commended its personnel on their reaction and applauded the work of the Guyana Police Force.

A statement from PGS follows:


This morning three armed men entered Republic Bank, Water Street Branch before it was open to the public. The perpetrators wore masks, gloves and carried handguns with which they open fire on the RBL Personnel inside the building. PGS Security Personnel who were on site immediately raised an alarm and Armed Response Teams proceeded to the location. Arriving shortly after the alarm had been raised the Teams assessed the situation and took up defensive positions. The Gun Men then opened fire on the Teams who returned fire being mindful of the civilian personnel caught in the exchange. Thanks to the prompt support of the Guyana Police Force all 3 attackers were apprehended and the robbery averted.

Professional Guard Services is very proud of all our personnel who through their professionalism and heroism were able to thwart this brazen attack. PGS wishes to commend the personnel of the Guyana Police Force for their outstanding performance and will continue to cooperate with the Guyana Police Force in the ongoing investigations of this incident.

Sean Kirkpatrick


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