Berbice pensioner found dead in Montrose canal

-after wandering out of daughter’s home

The body of a Bushlot pensioner, who wandered away from her daughter’s home in the wee hours of the morning, was yesterday found in a canal at Montrose, East Coast Demerara.

Chandramattie Deonarine, 73, of Sixth Street, Bushlot, West Coast Berbice, was found dead around 7 am in a canal at the Montrose Pump Station, just a stone’s throw from her daughter’s residence at Lot 7 Happy Acres Public Road.

According to a police statement issued yesterday afternoon, their investigations have so far revealed that the deceased, who had health problems, was staying at her daughter’s home at Happy Acres prior to her death.

It was, however, reported that sometime after 1 am yesterday, Deonarine, who was hallucinating, ventured out of her daughter’s home for an unknown destination.

According to police sources, the body was spotted by two men attached to the Montrose Pump Station.

The men later contacted the Sparendaam Police Station and police subsequently removed the woman’s body from the canal.

Deonarine’s daughter, Cindy Deonarine, spoke briefly with Stabroek News and said that her mother opened the back door and made her way out the house. She said it was the first time her mother had done anything of such a nature.

The woman, who was still in shock, said her mother was not “feeling well” for about two weeks. The daughter noted that Chandramattie had undergone tests at a city hospital and was required to do several other checkups. Another doctor’s appointment was scheduled for yesterday, she noted.

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