Three get bail on cocaine, ganja charges

A mother of five minor children was yesterday granted her release on bail after she denied a charge that she had 2.5 grammes of cocaine in her possession.

Janelle Nedd, 40, stood in the courtroom of Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly, who read a charge that stated that on July 11, at Orange Walk and Robb Street, she had the cocaine in her possession for trafficking.

After denying the charge, Nedd was later granted her release on $50,000 bail and the case was adjourned until July 28. Nedd was granted bail due to the recent decision by the magistracy to offer bail to persons charged over possession of cocaine below 25 grammes in light of the displacement caused in the prison system following the Camp Street prison fire.

Previously, persons charged with possession of any amount of cocaine, which constitutes trafficking, would be remanded at arraignment.

A similar decision was also taken in relation to persons charged over possession of below 50 grammes and trafficking between 51 grammes and 1 kilogramme of cannabis.   As a result, two Matthews Ridge mechanics were also granted their release on bail yesterday after they denied having possession of 499 grammes of cannabis for trafficking.

It was alleged that Akeel Newport, 19, and Neil Lowe, 20, had the cannabis on July 13, at 6 mile Arakaka, North West District.

According to the police prosecutor, on the day in question, the police, acting on information, searched under the seat of an ATV motorcycle that was being driven by Newport. The search uncovered leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis, in a black plastic bag.

They pleaded not guilty to the charge and were each released on $50,000 bail, subject to the condition that they report to the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court every Friday until trial. The matter was subsequently adjourned until August 9, when it is to be called at the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

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