South Last Entrance resident charged with stabbing ex-boyfriend

A mother of one was yesterday released on $5,000 bail by a city magistrate for allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend in his shoulder.

Melissa Dowridge, 27,  of 121 South Last Entrance, yesterday appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore and pleaded not guilty to a charge which stated that on June 19, at Merriman Mall, she unlawfully and maliciously wounded Safraz Ghanie.

Police Prosecutor Simone Payne who objected to bail, told the court that the accused is expected to be charged with another offence which is similar in nature.

However, Dowridge who addressed the court on her matter, said that she was acting in self-defence. She recalled that on the day in question she told the virtual complainant that their relationship was over. She said that they fought and Ghanie choked her. The defendant stated that Ghanie had a knife and during the struggle she got hold of the weapon and wounded him in his upper shoulder.

The accused told the court that she was sorry but she was only defending herself, as she felt that Ghanie was trying to kill her. Dowridge added that she is a patient of Dr. Bhiro Harry at the Psychiatric Clinic, as she troubles with her nerves. She said Ghanie knew that she was sick and would always provoke her.

Magistrate Azore before adjourning the matter, lectured the young woman on getting a restraining order to protect herself.  The Magistrate later granted bail of $35,000 to Dowridge, but it was later reduced to $5,000 since the defendant complained that she could not afford the bail.

The matter was later adjourned until August 2.

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