Craig couple traumatized after break-in

An elderly couple was traumatized after bandits broke into their Craig, East Bank Demerara house early yesterday morning, but fled empty-handed after an alarm was raised.

The incident took place around 3.15 am yesterday at the Lot 251 ‘A’ Craig home of Mohammed Osman Subhan, 72, and his wife, Khairool Subhan.

According to reports reaching Stabroek News, Mohammed was awakened by strange sounds, which he suspected were coming from his neighbour’s dogs. On checking, he noticed a crowbar at a door which leads to his bedroom. As a result, he called out to his neighbour and informed her of his suspicion that his house had been broken into.

The house in which the elderly couple lives and where the incident occurred.

The bandits, he said, attempted to cart off a quantity of items from his storeroom and some food items, which were later discovered in front of his premises.

From all indications, he explained, the men gained entry by scaling the fence and removing several louvre panes from two windows on the bottom flat of the house.

“I was in my bed, but because my wife does want turn and I does have to assist her, I don’t sleep hard. I hear this noise that sound like them neighbour dogs on the step,” Mohammed said, adding that he then came off his bed, checked around in the house and saw the crowbar on the door.

The windows which the bandits used to gain entry to the house.

As a result, he said, he went back into the bedroom and immediately called out for his neighbour. “I ask her to check see if the front door open and she said yes. So I tell her that someone tried to break into the house and I ain’t going downstairs. So she say no let me stay upstairs,” he added.

The elderly man said he contacted his son, Neaz Subhan who informed the police.

Mohammed said it appeared that the men were in the house for some time. “They went in the storeroom downstairs because I find my drill I use to do construction work with, an electric plane, some food stuff and some other items from in there in front the yard. They didn’t get to carry it away,” he said.

The police promptly arrived on the scene and an investigation has been launched. However, no arrest has yet been made.

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