Pavement dweller’s pants cut off during cutlass attack, homeless aggressor gets three years

“The truth shall set you free, I am innocent,” a homeless man yesterday announced to a city court before he was sentenced to three years in prison for unlawful wounding.

Devon Jackson stood before Magistrate Leron Daly, who read a charge which alleged that on June 26, at Charlotte Street, Georgetown, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Michael Mohammed. Jackson rambled for some time before pleading guilty to the charge.

Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh told the court that on June 26, at 19:10hrs, the virtual complainant was at Charlotte Street in the vicinity of the Beharry company, where he was lying on a piece of cardboard on the pavement when the defendant approached with a cutlass and ordered him to get up. Mohammed explained to the accused that he was unable to move as a result of his feet being cut. Jackson told the victim that he did not care and began to launch several kicks while informing him that the pants he was wearing belonged to him.

The defendant then dealt Mohammed several lashes, before using the cutlass to cut off the said pants and to deliver several chops which resulted in injuries to the victim’s right hand and head. Mohammed then shouted for help and was subsequently picked up by an ambulance and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he received medical attention

The matter was investigated and the accused was later arrested.

Magistrate Daly later sentenced Jackson to three years in prison.

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