GPL sues Kwame McCoy for $143,000

Kwame McCoy

People’s Progressive Party member and former Office of the President Press and Publicity Officer Kwame McCoy has been taken to the High Court by the Guyana Power and Light Company over $143,573 they claim he owes.

However, McCoy believes that he is being singled out because of his political affiliation, saying that GPL has bypassed companies and other individuals that owes it “millions and millions” in the hope of embarrassing him for the small sum that he is still is not sure was racked up by him.

The Guyana Power and Light Company on Saturday made its first publication of the matter between the two, in an advertisement in the Legal Notices section of the Stabroek News.

“Take notice that a specially indorsed writ was issued on the 16th day of May, 2016 in the High Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Guyana at Georgetown Demerara by the Guyana Power and Light Inc. in which the plaintiff claims against you for: (a) the sum of $143,573…due and owning by the defendant to the plaintiff for electricity supplied by the plaintiff to and at the request of the defendant,” the notice reads.

The notice explains that alleged amount owed was for a property located at 43 Main and News Market Streets, Cummingsburg, George-town.

In addition to the $143,573, the company is seeking “interest thereon at the rate of 6% per annum from date hereof until judgment and thereafter at the rate of 4% per annum until fully paid” plus any other order that the court deems just plus “costs”.

GPL is represented by the law firm De Caires, Fitzpatrick and Karran.

McCoy was given 28 days, after the final publication, to respond if he desires to defend the action.

When contacted by Stabroek News, McCoy said that he has not decided on what his course of action will  be but questioned the timing of the publication and why the power company would take him to court for what he believes is a small sum.

“I can name several persons and companies that owe GPL millions and millions and I haven’t seen them go after them…I think this is just to embarrass me but I can’t see how it will,” he said while also noting that he moved from the said property since 2011.

The matter comes up before Justice Rishi Persaud on September 11th 2017 at 9am.

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