Updated: List of escapees today from Lusignan facility

-nine were held for murder

The authorities have released the names of the thirteen men who escaped from the Lusignan facility sometime today. The men were being kept in temporary housing following the July 9th destruction of the Camp Street jail by fire.

The list follows:

#Names of Lusignan escapeesOffences
1 Clive Forde Murder
 2 Tishan McKenzie Armed robbery
 3 Winston Long Armed robbery
 4 Kerry Cromwell Murder
 5 Pascal Smith Murder
 6 Odel Roberts Murder
 7 Kendell Skeete Murder
 8 Paul GoriahMurder/robbery
 9 Jamal Forde Murder/robbery
10Jamal JosephInflicting grievous bodily harm
 11Rayon Jonas Discharging loaded firearm
 12Jason Howard Murder
 13Shawn Harris Murder



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