Thirty-four youths graduate from Bina Hill Institute

The Bina Hill Institute’s  eighth graduation ceremony saw 34 youths graduating after being certified in 11 technical skills.

According to DPI/GINA, Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock told the graduates of the Annai, Region Nine institute that their real journey starts now. “I know that some of you, during the two years have been thinking that this is the end…But this was the time you were being prepared to begin your journey, the real journey into adulthood, to make your contribution to the development of yourself, your family, your community, your region and the country at large”, said Allicock. He reminded them to never forget their culture and the importance of agriculture.

Jan Gomes receiving an award from Dr. Raquel Thomas-Caesar (DPI/ GINA photo)

Best graduating student Jan Gomes said that despite the challenging two years, she managed to stand firm. The Region Eight resident said, “At the end, it was very successful and I would like to thank the teachers, friends who encouraged me, give me support”.

Gomes said that fitting in was a bit difficult but in the long haul this was another challenge she overcame successfully.

Rex John, another graduate, said that he will encourage his friends and others from his community, to take the opportunity to further their education at the institute.

“After leaving secondary school, I didn’t have no job, no opportunity or no nothing. I used to work at the backdam but I heard about Bina Hill Institute, and I came in to further my studies, especially in agriculture” John added.

Rex John receiving an award.  (DPI/ GINA photo)

The Youth Learning Centre of the Bina Hill Institute was established in 2001. It focuses on training hinterland youth in Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Wildlife Management, Agriculture, Tourism, Business Studies, Life Skills, Traditional Skills, Basic Computer Skills, Mathematics, English and leadership training, GINA said.

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