Names of prisoners injured on Saturday released

The new holding area of Lusignan Prison (DPI photo)

The Department of Public Information today released the names of prisoners injured in Saturday’s melee at the Lusignan prison.

The list follows:

Name of PrisonersClassInjuries Caused
Oscar ChesterConvictedGun Shot
Deon GreenidgeCondemnedGun Shot
Sherwin HarteCondemnedGun Shot
Collie SmithConvictedGun Shot
Richie RamnarineConvictedGun Shot
Gowharan RamdialCondemnedGun Shot
Jamed FarleyConvictedGun Shot
Rico PersaudConvicted/ RemandedGun Shot
Christopher NilesConvictedGun Shot
Ian SearswattieCondemnedGun Shot
Davindra AsrajCondemnedGun Shot
Kellman SertimerConvictedGun Shot
George GrantConvictedGun Shot
Slyvester VandalyndenRemandedGun Shot
Rodrick IbottRemandedGun Shot
Shannon CoxRemandedFighting with fellow inmate
Authery BessConvicted/ RemandedFighting with fellow inmate
Daniel ParisConvicted/ RemandedFighting with fellow inmate
Clifford ChristianCommittedFighting with fellow inmate
Micheal CliffConvictedFighting with fellow inmate
Shane Mc CallmanRemandedFighting with fellow inmate
Terry KissonCondemnedFighting with fellow inmate

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