Woman in custody after mason fatally stabbed

A woman is in police custody after turning herself in to authorities, following the fatal stabbing of her significant other at a Queen Street, Kitty residence on Friday, Commander of A Division Marlon Chapman confirmed.

Police are currently awaiting a post-mortem report.

Dillon Dailson Halley, 30, who worked as a farmer and mason, succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Dillon Dailson Halley

Halley had reportedly been on the way to visit his two children when the attack occurred, although family members could not give an account of the events that transpired.

His mother, Patricia Chapman, was distraught when this newspaper visited the family’s residence yesterday.

“They kill meh son, mommy. They kill meh son…“ Chapman cried to her mother as she entered the yard.

“They coulda call me. If they had any problems they coulda call me and tell me. They didn’t had to tek he life…She coulda call me, mommy, she coulda call me…when they get any problems, she does call me and complain. She didn’t call me, she didn’t call me at all,” she repeated, rocking back and forth.

Halley’s sister, Olivia George, via telephone, said that she was on the phone with her brother on Friday  just before the attack occurred.

She related that around 6:40 on Friday evening the two had been conversing as he was on his way to see the children. She stated that he had been walking into the yard when the phone went dead.

George said that it was not until the next day when she turned on the device that she saw a message from her aunt stating that her brother had been stabbed. She speculated that he had tried to call her after the stabbing occurred as she later saw a missed call from him, but he was unable to reach her.

Halley’s sister and mother did not receive news of the incident or his death until Saturday morning. George said that around midday she received the call that he had died.

The woman described her brother as a jovial person who does not bear malice.

Halley had been the last of four children.

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