Man to undergo psych evaluation after random attack on woman

Paul Smith, 22, whose state of mind was questioned after he pleaded guilty to randomly wounding a woman near a city bus park, was yesterday ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation ahead of his sentencing.

Smith, of 505 West Ruimveldt, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on a wounding charge, which stated that on July 22, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Tonya George.

According to Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore, on the day in question, George was walking near the Route 45 bus park when Smith began to stare in her direction. He then rushed towards her and dealt her a cuff to her face. The woman became dizzy and had to be assisted by members of the public and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Subsequently, Smith, who had a hard time holding up his pants during the hearing, as they continually fell to his ankles, gave the court his account of what happened. “I went to do lil wuk, see she and knock she. I ain’ wan no trouble. Ah tell she sorry,” he said of the attack.

As a result of Smith’s explanation, Chief Magistrate McLennan ordered that he receive a mental evaluation before the passage of a sentence, while noting that the court believed that he was not of a sound mind.

She further ordered that he be placed into the custody of the psychiatric ward at the GPH until he is examined by psychiatrist Dr Bhiro Harry.

The matter was then adjourned to August 9, when a report on Smith’s mental status is to be presented prior to sentencing.

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