Ministry to examine holes developing on Carifesta Avenue

One of the holes which currently obstructs the flow of traffic on Carifesta Avenue

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Infra-structure (MPI), Geoffrey Vaughn said that they will be examining the holes which have been slowly developing on Carifesta Avenue, to ensure that they are not as a result of a major issue.

Concerns were raised about the structural integrity of the thoroughfare after several  holes started developing over the past few months. The road which had been upgraded last year at a cost of $180 million, had been restructured to include a median with lights, and resurfaced entirely.

Although the contractor, H Nauth and Sons, is repairing the holes as they appear, one which currently sits on top of the southern carriageway, continues to sink further, proving to be an obstacle to the flow of traffic. Stabroek News noticed some six holes, some of which have already been fixed, and some of which are now expanding.

Speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, Vaughn explained that the holes might be caused by the inclement weather which has been constantly changing over the past few months. He said that because of the constant rain and sun, along with vehicle impact, it is not surprising that holes have developed on the asphalt surface.

He added that if the problem is insurmountable, then an investigation would be launched but they are currently going to examine the holes to ensure that the issue is not major.

Stabroek News also noticed that the holes were developing only around the light stanchions and questioned Vaughn, who said that the contractor would’ve had to take into consideration the curvature of the road. “We will look at it to see if it is something more major. I doubt whether it’s anything,” he added.

On the other hand, drivers were concerned about the rapid appearances of the holes which they said have become obstacles on the road that they often have to dodge.

“Because they sink in and the asphalt is still there, it is very hard to tell that an actual hole is there until you actually get close, and that’s bad because if you speeding and you barely see this hole and you try to pull away then you in trouble. The holes are developing around the median which means when you are pulling to avoid the holes it’s in the direction of the two trenches at the side,” a driver who frequents the road told this publication yesterday, while pointing out that the holes become “impossible to see” at night.

“That entire road has to be redone. If it keeps sinking like that it means something is definitely wrong, something major is definitely wrong and they got to look at it as soon as possible cause it’s at a risk of the entire middle falling. And look at how they fixing it, just patching the holes. That doesn’t make any sense,” the driver added.

Stabroek News attempted to contact the H Nauth and Sons for a comment but was unable to reach any official.


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