Parking meters report for city council on August 14

A report on the way forward for the controversial parking meters project has been handed over by city councillor Malcolm Ferreira to the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk,Royston King  and will be presented to the full council on August 14, a release from City Hall said today.

Ferreira headed a committee to explore the way forward after the project was suspended by Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan earlier this year. The release said it is expected that all councillors will be provided with a copy.

The first major project by the Chase-Green council became mired in upheaval after commuters largely  boycotted parking meters and a group called Movement Against Parking Meters sprung up and held weeks of protests.

It was argued that the contract with the investor, Smart City Solutions (SCS) was in breach of the country’s procurement law.

The size of the tariffs and the duration of the life of the project were among the key sources of disagreement and led to amendments being made.

The investor has not been heard from for several months.




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