Sinkhole on Carifesta Avenue filled, concerns remain

The sinkhole that had started developing on the eastern side of  Carifesta Avenue has been fixed but concerns continue that the original work might have been defective and that further problems will arise.

Concerns were raised about the structural integrity of the road after several small holes had started developing over the past few months. While the contractor, H Nauth and Sons, is repairing the holes as they appear, one, which continues to sink further, still currently sits on top of the Southern carriageway of the road, proving to be an obstacle to the flow of traffic. Stabroek News noticed some six holes, some of which that have already been fixed and some that are now forming.

While several holes were patched with what seems to be cement, the one that had developed recently was also fixed when Stabroek News visited yesterday.

Stabroek News was told by an official at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure that the holes might have been caused by the inclement weather but the Ministry was still going to do an investigation to ensure that the problem is not serious.

The area where the sinkhole had developed, which is now filled with concrete.

The official had also confirmed that the contractor has been doing all of the remedial works to the road.

When Stabroek News had visited, there was evidence of at least six holes, developing around the base for the street lights, being filled by the same concrete-like substance. Questions were raised about the integrity of the road since the holes were developing rapidly.

Persons had also claimed that the issue lies beneath the road and if the Ministry “does not take it serious” the road is at  risk of caving in from the middle.

Despite constant attempts to contact the contractor, Stabroek News was unable to obtain a comment.

The road was upgraded last year, where it was expanded and a median along with lights were added in the middle. It was also resurfaced at a cost of some $180 million.


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