NICIL transfers Eccles, Coldingen industrial sites to Business Ministry

The National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) has transferred two industrial sites to government as well as a plot of land at Linden to a former Linden Mining Enterprise Limited (LINMINE) employee.
According to publications in the Official Gazette on Saturday, lands at Block `DD’, Plantation Eccles and Plantation Coldingen, East Coast Demerara have been transferred to government, the representative being the Minister of Business.
NICIL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Horace James explained to Stabroek News yesterday that the entity was responsible for the administration of the industrial sites at Eccles and Coldingen. He said that in early 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) transferring the management of those sites to the Ministry of Business was signed. James said this step was taken as it was felt that the Ministry was “more fit and appropriate” to deal with the management of these sites. He said that the transfer means that all persons operating at the two industrial sites will now deal directly with the Ministry and not NICIL.
The Official Gazette said that pursuant to the Deed and subject to the representations, covenants, terms and conditions specified therein the plots numbering 1-84 of Block `DD’ being a portion of Plantation Eccles, is transferred by the donor – NICIL to the donee – Government of Guyana. The order which made the transfer legal was signed by the Minister of Finance on 17th July, 2017. It was stated that the lands transferred were laid down and defined on a plan by James Hackett, a sworn land surveyor on March 12, 1842 and deposited in the Deeds Registry at Georgetown on 24th January, 1851, the said plots containing an area of 54 acres of land being shown, laid down and defined on a plan by J. Rutherford, a sworn land surveyor dated 7th June, 1999 and deposited in the Deeds Registry on 29th June, 2000.
The order regarding the second industrial location which is now known as Non Pariel West in the Foulis-Buxton Local Government District consists of Lots 1-37, containing an area of 53.655 acres. The said area was laid down and defined on a plan by David H.E Howard, sworn land surveyor dated 19th January, 1973 and deposited in the Deeds Registry on 14th June, 1973. This order was also signed by the Finance Minister and is dated 17th July, 2017.
Additionally, an order was made transferring property at Noitgedacht, Linden to Lennox and Maureen Cort.
James explained that Lennox, a former employee of LINMINE in the early 90s had started a process of purchasing house and land belonging to the company.
“The transaction started since 1992 …but it’s now the process has been completed”, he said adding that the man had migrated but has since returned. He said that the property is one that was sold by the company to its employees.
According to the order, the property is located at Lot 156 Noitgedacht, Mackenzie containing an area of 0.3908 of an acre being shown and defined on Plan numbered COS 197 by JA Kranenburg, sworn land surveyor dated 18th February, 1970 with buildings and erections thereon.

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