Pregnant Corentyne woman jumps out window to escape bandits

Armed bandits on Saturday night invaded the home of a Number 69 Village, Corentyne boat owner, who jumped through a window along with his heavily pregnant wife and four-year-old son to escape to safety.

Although police were criticised by residents for a late response, they reported yesterday that five persons have been arrested in connection with the attack.

A police source said that the bandits escaped with $1.2 million in jewellery, $200,000 in cash, and electronics.

Stabroek News visited the village yesterday and was told that the traumatised family has since moved to a relative’s house.

The boat owner, Sachin Ramlakhan, 27, refused to comment on the attack while stating that the media cannot help the situation.

Stabroek News was told that the attack was launched around 11.30 pm on Saturday.

According to information gathered, Ramlakhan, his wife, Vidya Gopaul, 26, and their four-year-old son were present in the house when seven men, including one armed with a long gun, launched an attack on them. The perpetrators reportedly used a piece of wood to remove a grill on one of the windows in order to gain entry into the house. It was related to Stabroek News that as the perpetrators entered the house, they began using profanity and threatened to kill the couple.

Gopaul reportedly bolted the door to the room her family was in, after which they opened a window and Ramlakhan jumped on to the shed with their four-year-old son. Afterward, Gopaul, who is close to nine months pregnant, then jumped on to the shed in order to escape.

The family, Stabroek News was told, then jumped into their neighbour’s yard and rushed to the home of Gopaul’s mother, who lives nearby. Gopaul reportedly sustained a few bruises during her bid to escape.

A police statement said that five persons were held, including a 33-year-old hire car driver of Number 72 Village, Corentyne. The driver was arrested in his vehicle in close proximity to the scene. The man was also discovered to have in his possession a small quantity of cannabis. Police also carried out a search of his premises and found an unlicensed shotgun, two spent shells and one live cartridge.

According to a police source, the driver reportedly told investigators that at some point he would have transported the other perpetrators to the location.

Meanwhile, according to residents, the police were phoned several times after the men discharged a round. However, they claimed the police arrived close to two hours after. The perpetrators during this time ransacked the entire house. It was related to this newspaper that the men also drank and ate food items that were in the house.

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