Kingston vendor remanded over wounding of brother

A Kingston vendor was yesterday remanded to prison after he was charged with wounding his brother, who is now hospitalised, over a land dispute.

The charge against Rajesh Pollard, 42, of Kingston, stated that he unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Sunil Pollard.

Rajesh denied the allegation read to him by Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

The prosecutor objected to bail being granted, citing the nature of the offence, the seriousness of the crime and the fact that the complainant is now hospitalised.

It was further stated that on the day in question, the defendant and his brother had an argument over a property which resulted in the accused hitting the complainant with a piece of wood.

However, attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat told the court that his client is a substance abuser and reports he received from the family indicated that Sunil was not hit with a wood. He indicated that they both fell to the ground during their argument over the land.

Having heard both the defence attorney and the prosecution, Magistrate Azore remanded Rajesh since his brother remains hospitalized.

Rajesh is expected to return to court on August 16.

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