Husband, wife dead in East Canje murder-suicide

East Canje, Berbice residents were left in shock yesterday after well-known businessman Rudolph Blair, the owner of the Stretch D Dollar franchise in the county, murdered his estranged wife and then committed suicide.

Rhonda Jackman-Blair, who was also known as ‘Miss Rhonda,’ 42, was fatally stabbed at their Lot 91 Coburgh Street, Cumberland Village, East Canje home, sometime before 12.05 am yesterday, when her body was discovered. Her husband, who was also known as ‘Rudy,’ 46, was eventually found dead around 8.44 am, after taking refuge in nearby bushes, from where he had engaged in a standoff with police for hours.

A family friend said that the man had previously threatened to kill both the woman and himself as he had blamed her for the financial troubles that had beset the business that they had built together…..