Troubled Sophia teen fined $50,000

-sent for counselling after armed robberies

A teenaged boy charged with armed robberies was on Thursday fined a total of $50,000 and ordered to attend counselling for alcoholic and narcotics abuse, after the reading of a probation report.

Mowally Clarke, 18, was charged last month with two armed robbery offences and pleaded guilty to both crimes.

The charges alleged that on July 6, 2017 at Lot 52 North Road, Bourda, Clarke armed with a knife, robbed Saheed Khan of one S5 Samsung cellphone, valued at $120,000, and Joel Ramsarran of a Samsung S4 cellphone valued at $45,000.

Clarke, of 564 South Turkeyen, Sophia, during his first appearance had told the court that it was smoking cannabis which had caused him to commit the crimes.

He had also apologized to the complainants for his actions.

During Thursday’s court session a probation report was read.  Among some of the conclusions drawn from the probation report were that if the defendant’s father, who is now deceased, had played an important role in his life, and if his mother had spent more time at home with him, things could have been different. It was further stated that the defendant chose to do wrong rather than right, in spite of the efforts that his mother would have put in to raising him.

Prior to making her ruling Magistrate Fabayo Azore told the court that she took into consideration the fact that Clarke had apologized  for the crimes, the phones had been returned, and the fact that, according to the probation report, he was given the opportunity to do right but chose to do wrong.

Clarke told the court that he would like to receive counselling because when he uses alcohol or narcotics he usually tends to do wrong.

He was commended by the Magistrate for admitting that he needs help and was then informed that he will have to attend counselling sessions for no less than twice per month, for no less than six months.

Clarke was also fined $25,000 on each offence, and was given until Friday to pay the fine.

The young man was encouraged to take this opportunity and use it to the best of his ability.

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