Contractor accused of misusing funds freed of charges after uncle agrees to repay client

A building contractor had fraud charges against him dismissed last Friday after his family reached an agreement with the complainant to settle the matter.

Dustin Jackson, 31, had appeared before Georgetown magistrate Leron Daly on two charges.

It was alleged that in February, 2017, at Croal Street, Georgetown, Jackson, being solely entrusted with the sum of $70,000 by Claire Taylor to purchase a quantity of cement, converted the money to his own use and benefit. A similar charge read to him stated that in the same month, at Regent Street, Jackson, being solely entrusted with $94,500 by Taylor to purchase a quantity of steel and sand, fraudulently converted the money to his own use and benefit.

Jackson pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to the prosecution’s case, Taylor, who is constructing a home at Mocha, had contracted the accused to complete it and sent him the cash to purchase building materials. The accused received the sums of $70,000 and $94,500 through a money transfer service but related that he had spent the money on his family, since he was not working. The matter was later reported to the police and Jackson was arrested.

When asked by Magistrate Daly if he had anything to say, the accused told the court that he was trying to work something out with the victim in order to repay the money once he was given some time.

The complainant gave sworn evidence that she would no longer proceed with the matter and indicated to Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh that she had come to an agreement with the defendant’s uncle, who agreed to repay the money.

As a result, the charges were dismissed by Magistrate Daly.

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