City council passes motion for solid waste management plan

The Georgetown city council on Monday passed a motion for the development of a comprehensive solid waste management plan.

The motion, which called for “a strategic framework and comprehensive plan towards a holistic approach” to Georgetown’s solid waste management,” was moved by Councillor Sherod Duncan.

It stated that a modern policy for solid waste management is important since there have been several setbacks, including the most recent suspension of services by private garbage contractors Cevons Waste Management Inc and Puran Brothers Disposal Inc.

Speaking during the debate on the motion, Duncan said that councillors need to pool their ideas to create a framework which would be of benefit to the city in the future.  He noted that the policy should look at penalties and enforcement of penalties for littering.

He noted that while the government is working on a national solid waste management plan, the city needs to develop its own and lead the way.

However, while Duncan’s motion received the support from other councillors, including Carlyle Goring, Akeem Peters and Noelle Chow-Chee, Coun-cillor Heston Bostwick opposed it. Bostwick stated that the Municipal and District Councils Act states how a council should manage its solid waste and as a result he did not see the need for a motion to develop a policy.

Nevertheless, Goring said he supports the motion fully as it illustrates the direction in which the council needs to go.

Councillor Peters echoed Goring’s sentiments and added that a modern policy is a look into the future. He stated that the motion was timely and would put the city on the right path once the policy is drafted.

Councillors who were against the motion asked to take their leave when it came to the voting. However, the 14 councillors that remained around the horseshoe table unanimously voted for the motion.

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