UG student sentenced to community service for ganja possession

A University of Guyana student was yesterday ordered to commit himself to doing one month of community service and to pay a fine of $5,000 for having 1.2 grammes of cannabis in his possession.

The courtroom of Magistrate Fabayo Azore heard that on August 13, at Camp and Hadfield streets, Collin Hooper Jr., 19, of South Ruimveldt, had in his possession 1.2 grammes of cannabis. Hooper Jr. who was unrepresented in court pleaded guilty with an explanation to the offence.

The accused when asked why he had committed the offence, explained that he was not aware that the drugs were in his pants pocket. Hooper Jr. said that he had been collecting money from some persons and had stuffed it into his pants pockets. He said on that same day the police had come up to him and conducted a search, and that was when the cannabis which was wrapped in a tiny piece of paper came out with the money. Hooper Jr. reassured the court that he was not a smoker.

Police Prosecutor Simone Payne later corroborated the teen’s story.

Magistrate Azore ordered Hooper Jr. to do one month of community service. He would have to visit the East La Penitence Police Station from August 18 and do two hours of community service every Friday. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $5,000.

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