Berbice man found with ganja after colliding with cops -court hears

Mark Anthony, of New Amsterdam, was yesterday remanded to prison on a narcotics trafficking charge after he was allegedly found with 2.8 kilogrammes of cannabis after colliding with a police vehicle.

Anthony, 35, of 56 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in Georgetown, where he was read a charge that stated that on July 24, at Evans Street, Charles-town, Georgetown, he had 2.8 kilogrammes of cannabis for trafficking.

Anthony entered a not guilty plea.

Mark Anthony

Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to the accused being granted bail on the grounds that there were no special reasons put forward as well as the likelihood of the man fleeing the jurisdiction. He also noted that Anthony was previously charged with providing the police with false information.

According to the prosecution’s case, on July 23, the accused collided with a police vehicle. After the collision, he tried to conceal a suitcase he had in his vehicle in a nearby yard. The police ranks then called for backup and a search was carried out. The suitcase was discovered and it was found to contain the cannabis.

Chief Magistrate McLennan remanded Anthony to prison and adjourned the matter until September 8.

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