Section of Kitty Public Rd to be closed from Wednesday

A section of the Kitty Public Road is to be closed from Wednesday as the Ministry of Public Infrastructure steps up road works in the area.

A statement from the ministry follows:

The Ministry of Public infrastructure is moving apace with its repairs to culverts at Vlissengen Road and Carifesta Avenue, and will soon extend the works across the Kitty Public Road.

The project has moved beyond its first leg which comprised of works being undertaken on the sinkhole that had developed in the vicinity of the Kitty Pump Station. This first leg was successfully completed last month.

The first phase of the four-phase second leg of the project recently kicked off and, currently, extensive culvert works are being executed just South of the Kitty Public Road and East of Vlissengen Road.

The second phase of leg two will commence in the new week. This second phase will see the extension of the works, from South of the Kitty Public Road to North of it, just up to the start of the Rupert Craig Highway. As a result, vehicular traffic heading west along the Kitty Public Road will be prohibited and road users will instead have to utilise alternative routes.

Therefore, the Kitty Public Road will be closed from West of Queen Street, Kitty (in the vicinity of the Guyoil Gas Station) up to the junction at Vlissengen Road, from Wednesday August 23, 2017 to September 20, 2017. Road users are encouraged to use the following alternative routes:

• Sheriff Street (highlighted in green): all heavy duty vehicles, such as trucks and low-bed trailers, are kindly asked to use this route

• Church Road (highlighted in blue)

• Earl’s Avenue (highlighted in red)

• Pere Street (highlighted in yellow)

• Queen Street (highlighted in purple)

Road users are further advised that this phase of the project will not require the closure of the Rupert Craig Highway to eastbound traffic in the vicinity of the junction at Vlissengen Road.

Meanwhile, while the Ministry notes the inconveniences the closure of such a critical section of our roadways will cause, we must emphasise that the project is a crucial one.

“Ultimately, we’re executing this project with public safety in mind,” Mr. Geoffrey Vaughn, Chief Works Officer of the Work Services Group explained. “Yes, the public will be inconvenienced and, of course, this closure will lead to some amount of frustration. We understand that and we apologise for that. However, we must stress to the general public that these works are absolutely necessary if we are going to ensure that our road users are traversing along a road that is safe. Our primary focus will always be the safety of our country’s citizens.”

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