Woman recovering slowly after horrific Camp and Robb accident

Malvena Hope

After spending nearly three weeks in the Georgetown Public Hospital following a horrific accident at the corner of Camp and Robb streets in June, Malvena Hope is slowly on the road to recovery.

Hope of Thomas Street, Kitty was struck down as she was standing on the pavement just outside of the Teleperformance Call Centre on June 18. She was subsequently rushed to the hospital after sustaining severe head injuries.

Yesterday, Hope in a brief interview at her home told this newspaper that she can’t recall how the accident occurred. “We de coming from the market but me ain’t know nothing till I catch myself in the hospital the next day. When I wake up the doctor come and ask me my name and suh. I ask he wah I doing here.”

Currently, Hope said that she spends most of her days in bed due to the injuries she sustained which include a fractured skull, broken left hand and left leg, a fractured right leg and spinal injuries. “It hard. Right now I just deh home. I still ain’t walking pon these two foot here,” she said.

Following her release from the hospital, the woman said that she has had to make several visits back to the hospital as the road to recovery continues. “I got to go back the 28th for a checkup.” Both drivers involved in the accident are presently before the court she added.

Meanwhile, a friend of the woman who was with her at the time of the accident had told this newspaper that they had just come from the Bourda Market when the accident occurred. “We were standing up at the corner speaking when I heard a noise. I see the bus coming from Robb Street and it smash into the other vehicle. She fling up in the air and come back down,” the woman had recounted.

According to reports reaching Stabroek News, a Route 50 minibus bearing licence plate number BRR 5365 was speeding in an easterly direction along Robb Street when the driver failed to stop at the intersection and collided with a jeep, PNN 9891, causing the jeep to slam into the woman.

One eyewitness had said that the woman had only moments earlier passed her along Robb Street. “She just pass me and wave me off. The minibus was speeding coming down Robb Street. I think if the minibus had hit her she would have been dead. The driver was speeding coming down the road like he didn’t want to stop.”

The intersection at the corner of Camp and Robb streets has been the scene of  many accidents over the years. Only last week, Aubrey Odle, a photographer attached to the Ministry of Public Health was injured after he was involved in an accident with a minibus.

While the details surrounding the accident are sketchy, this newspaper was told that Odle was proceeding in motor vehicle, PSS 2403 east along Robb Street while the driver of the minibus BMM 7916 was proceeding north along Camp Street when the accident occurred.

Due to the impact, Odle’s vehicle ended up parked on the parapet of the Teleperformance building facing west. While Odle sustained a wound above his right eye, an elderly woman who was seated in the front seat of his vehicle complained of chest pains.

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