Woman fined $7,500 for breaching protection order

Charged with breaching a protection order taken out against her by her ex-husband, a woman was yesterday fined by a city magistrate after admitting to the crime.

Magistrate Judy Latchman read the charge to Onika Blackman, 36, which stated that on August 13, she breached a protection order.

Blackman, a Year Two nursery teacher, pleaded guilty to the crime.

The court then heard from Police Prosecutor Adduni Inniss, who told the court that the defendant and the complainant were once married and are now divorced. She added that Blackman was in the habit of abusing her ex-husband, who later took out a protection order against her.

The prosecutor, after viewing documents from the complainant, stated that the order was issued on January 18 by Magistrate Annette Singh. The order stipulated that the defendant is to restrain from abusing the complainant and making deregulatory remarks to him.

On the day in question, the prosecutor noted, the defendant went to the home of the complainant and used a series of expletives.

The matter was reported and Blackman was arrested.

Blackman was subsequently fined $7,500 or seven days in jail.

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