Essequibo lawyers for training on new court rules

Lawyers and legal staff on the Essequibo Coast are set for training on the Supreme Court of Judicature’s new civil procedure rules.

A release yesterday from the Attorney General’s Chambers said that on August 25- August 27, 2017, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Attorney General’s Chambers will be hosting the training conference.

The Facilitator for the Training Conference is Course Director and Tutor Martha C. Des Vignes of the Hugh Wooding Law School. The release said that as Course Director for the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Course at the Hugh Wooding Law School,  Des Vignes is competent in the overall delivery of the Civil Procedure and Practice Course.

The release said that the main objective of the upcoming Supreme Court New Civil Procedure Rules Training Conference, is to train State Counsel in the following areas: the overriding objective, time, service, commencement of proceedings, disputing the Court’s jurisdiction, defending a proceeding, proceedings for Administrative Orders and appeals to the Full Court.

The overarching objective of the Supreme Court New Civil Procedure Rules 2016 is to enable the Court to deal with cases justly. The release said that dealing with a case justly includes: (a) ensuring so far as practicable that the parties are on equal footing; (b) saving expense; (c) dealing with cases in ways which are proportionate to the importance of the case, complexity of the issues; amount of money involved and financial position of each party; ensuring that cases are dealt with expeditiously; allotting to the case an appropriate share of the Court’s resources while taking into account the need to allot resources to other cases.

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