Queen St, David St to become one-ways for Kitty road works

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI), in collaboration with the Guyana Police Force, is informing the general public that from Monday to Friday, 6:30hrs to 9:30hrs, Queen Street (from Kitty Public Road to David Street) and David Street (from Alexander Street to Vlissengen Road) will become one-ways with two lanes heading south and west respectively.

During this period, MPI said that traffic heading north along Queen Street from David Street will be prohibited. Additionally, traffic heading east along David Street from Vlissengen Road will also be prohibited.

This new traffic management plan is to facilitate the repairs to culverts at Vlissengen Road and Carifesta Avenue and to allow a better flow of traffic during peak hours.

MPI said that while the works had been slated to commence on Wednesday, the start was delayed in order to allow the contractor to better mobilise and to also erect detour signs at the identified alternative routes of Sheriff Street; Church Road; Earl’s Avenue; Pere Street; and Queen Street. Works are instead scheduled to commence from tomorrow, Saturday August 26.


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