Dentist robbed at C’ville Health Centre

Dentist Uon Sandiford

A dentist was yesterday robbed at gunpoint at the Campbellville Health Centre.

Dr Uon Sandiford was robbed of a gold chain by a lone gunman, who escaped on foot after the attack, which took place close to noon.

Eyewitnesses said Sandiford was sitting in the waiting area having a snack when the gunman walked into the facility, placed a gun to his neck and demanded that he hand over his chain. Though Sandiford hesitated, the gunman reportedly pulled off the chain and quickly walked out of the compound.

Police in Campbellville carrying out a search after the robbery

A witness told Stabroek News that as she was entering the compound, she passed the man walking out of the compound, although she was unaware of what had transpired.  “I walking in and I see this man turning he face and walking out… then I see dentist sitting down on the bench, looking lost and when I ask he, he tell me how he get robbed,” the woman recalled.

Sandiford subsequently posted on his Facebook page about the attack. “Thanking God for life ….I was robbed this morning at gun point at my place of work ….this is really too much to handle…,” he wrote.

After a report of the robbery, a party of police responded and they were observed combing through a field in Campbellville for the suspected. However, no arrest was made.

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