UG scholarships for five graduates of GPF, Zara Computer Centre

The Zara Group of Companies yesterday launched its scholarship programme, and five young students were awarded scholarships to pursue various courses of study at the University of Guyana (UG) in the new academic year.

The Zara scholarship programme was launched at the Police Officers’ Training Centre, Camp Street during the graduation ceremony for five hundred and twenty-two adults and youths from the Guyana Police Force Zara Computer Centre.

The scholarship recipients are Jamal Joseph, Jiadevi Deonarine, Javin Harris, Hester Hernandez and Denise Monasaul. The students will be majoring in various courses, including Geological Engineering, Optometry, Computer Science, Chemistry and Education.

Over the past few years, the Zara Group, with a contribution of approximately $120 million, has provided computer training for over 3,000 persons, including children and members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) from several communities across the country.

Since its partnership with the GPF began, three computer centres have been commissioned. The first was at the Felix Austin Police College, at Adventure, Berbice in 2012, followed a year later by the Richard Faikall Training College, at Suddie on the Essequibo Coast.  The Zara Group also launched the first Cyber Security Centre in Georgetown in March, at the recommissioning of the Felix Austin Computer Training Centre.

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Force Training Officer (ag.), Maxine Graham, during the feature address, urged the graduates to take note of the importance of the use of computer and technology. “Becoming computer literate makes an individual marketable and an asset to any organisation”, she said, as she reminded them that in today’s society having access to computers is a necessity for any organisation.

Graham emphasised that computer literacy is no longer an option but a priority for each and every individual endeavouring to gain employment, or who is already employed.  She also challenged the graduates to utilise the skills acquired from their training to ensure their personal development and to be motivated to pursue more available courses.

Senior Vice President of the Zara Group, Jay Subraj in his brief remarks said that his entity has managed to establish various education systems in Guyana and North America. “It is our duty to serve our country, our roots, this is our motherland,” he said, while adding that it is their way of giving back to their country.

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