Mason fatally stabbed by Williamsburg handyman

Vishram Mohabir

A Williamsburg handyman yesterday morning stabbed two brothers leaving one dead and the other nursing  wounds on his arms.

Police have since placed the handyman in custody. The suspected murder weapon, a knife was also retrieved.

Vishram Mohabir, 19, also known as `Ajai’, a mason of  Lot 258 Williamsburg Village, Corentyne was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital yesterday morning sometime around 4 after he was stabbed once in his neck. Mohabir was subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he succumbed sometime after 5 am while receiving treatment for his injury. Mohabir’s younger brother, Kunal Singh, 15, who sustained several minor stab wounds on both arms was also taken to the Port Mourant Hospital. He was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital yesterday morning.

According to Singh, a car wash in the area on Saturday evening held a “Back to school party”, which he, his brother and their neighbours attended. He  said that sometime after 3 am on Sunday, “Me deh walk a go house and drop me bicycle and then we walk go back fuh collect me buddy, (Mohabir) and the man been a sit down over the road and then he run up just so to me and stab me”. He further added, “When he stab me, me call for me friend and me buddy run and he stab me buddy in he neck”.

Singh insisted that the man launched the attack after being involved in a heated argument with his (Singh’s) neighbour. “We neighbour that went to the party … and he argue because like he (accused) drink up and smoke up and pelt a bottle at the boys and them argue, so when me walk go back he must be feel me went with them so he run and stab me”, the teenager said.

Singh’s relatives relayed that the accused who lives a couple streets away would normally “drink and smoke up and trip out and beat up people”.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Highest Grade Car Wash and Bar, Rufus Fraser, 36, who usually hosts an annual back to school party, told Stabroek News, that one of his neighbours told him that the teen brothers along with three friends were allegedly beating the accused on the public road. “My neighbour told me that the man (accused) was running coming down this way and like he feel they taking advantage so he run because he know a party was here but when he reach here I guess he decided to represent himself and that is when it get fatal… I can’t say if the boys were here or not but like I said they come from up the road, maybe they were going home and then they see this guy and think they could take advantage because when people drink they do all kinds of things, they want make a fun of it and then these things happen”, he speculated.

According to the businessman, persons in the area would often take advantage of the handyman. He noted that he has known the handyman by seeing him around the area for years.

Devika Ramjatt, the mother of the teenagers stated that Mohabir would usually work and maintain his family. She noted that she last saw her son on  Saturday afternoon around 5 pm when he left home to go “play pools with his friends”.

Mohabir leaves to mourn his mother and six siblings.

The handyman remains in custody as the police continue their investigation.

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