Security service providers agree to comprehensive research

Lincoln Lewis addressing the gathering (Ministry of Social Protection photo)

Security service providers have agreed to comprehensive research designed to determine the sociological and other factors which challenge them.

This is according to a Ministry of Social Protection statement on Thursday following  a seminar.

The statement said the attendees also committed to the compliance with all Safety and Labour related legislation, the assessment of the mental and physical capacity and preparedness of their employees and to monitor them on a regular basis including subjecting them to a semi-annual medical examination and to develop special working arrangements for women so that their working hours will not be extended beyond certain hours of darkness.

The release said that the Seminar was very  interactive and witnessed all of the participants pledging their support for an improvement in the quality of service being offered.

The Ministry of Social Protection on Thursday hosted the seminar for Private Security Service Providers under the theme “Repositioning the Elderly and Single Mothers within the Private Security Service”.

The release said that the seminar was attended by twenty-three  Security Companies operating in a Sector which employs in excess of eight thousand persons.

Apart from encouraging the management of the Security Companies to comply with all Labour related laws he urged them to be innovative and develop policies which would promote the interest and welfare of elderly men and single mothers.

In his presentation. Minister Scott alluded to the negative impacts which night work by single mothers can have on the family as a social unit and recommend the abolition of night work by single mothers in an effort to alleviate these negative impacts.

Presentations were made also by a representative of the Minister of Public Security, the Ministry of Communities, the Commissioner of Police, the Women and Gender Equality Commission and the Trade Union Movement as well as representatives from Private Security Companies.



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