Better Hope handyman died due to injuries from accident – autopsy

An autopsy has confirmed that Abdool Wahab Khan, the handyman whose lifeless body was discovered along the Vryheid’s Lust roadway on Sunday morning, died as a result of multiple injuries caused by an accident.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Police Force Jairam Ramlakhan confirmed Khan’s cause of death after a post-mortem examination which was conducted yesterday morning.

Stabroek News understands that the Traffic Department will now be leading the investigation.

It is suspected that Khan, 45, of Better Hope Housing Scheme, might have been a victim of a hit-and-run and his body was then dumped at Vryheid’s Lust. When the police visited the scene on Sunday, there was no evidence indicating that there was an accident there.

Khan’s body was discovered on the eastern parapet of the Vryheid’s Lust access road around 6 am on Sunday.

Khan’s body bore wounds to his head, abdomen, hands and feet. “When I see he, he had a big cut on he belly, his foot look as if it break, behind his head had a big gash and he had some more bruise on his hand,” Kissoon Persaud, a friend of the dead man, told this newspaper.

Persaud related that he last saw Khan on Saturday evening around 8 o’clock before he retired to bed. He had noted that the two chatted for some time but Khan never mentioned if he was going out.

Khan had been working as a caretaker for homeowners currently on vacation overseas.

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