Man dies after falling into Imbotero Creek

Tragedy struck in the North West District on Sunday when a man fell overboard as he was being transported home and drowned.

Stabroek News understands that Simon Morgow, whose address and age remain unknown had been consuming alcohol at Imbotero on Sunday evening and became intoxicated.

It was further reported that Renold Sam of Imbotero Creek had seen the man and offered him a drop home in his paddling boat.

It was during the journey home, however, that Morgow attempted to get up from the boat and fell into the river instead. He reportedly did not resurface which prompted Sam to raise an alarm; several residents reportedly came out to render assistance and were able to retrieve Morgow’s body.

Stabroek News has since been told that the body is currently at the Mabaruma mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.


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