Occupational safety and health dep’t concerned at aviation accidents

The Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Ministry of Social Protection has voiced concern over the recent spate of industrial accidents in the aviation industry which has left two pilots dead and another injured over the last month.

The department said that it is  cognisant  that other stakeholders are also concerned with these industrial accidents and will be conducting their independent inquiries. It said that the Ministry’s primary focus is to determine the “causal factors of industrial accidents within the realms of the employer-employee framework”.

It added that the Ministry of Social Protection is committed to working with all interested parties so that the Safety and Health of all employees —and employers too- can be improved and guaranteed as far as possible. The department reiterated that it is a legal requirement for employers to report all accidents of this nature within the time scales prescribed by the Act.

For further information it said that the  Ministry of Social Protection could be contacted at telephone 225-7302 or our hotline 225-7008.

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