Miner remanded for alleged firearm and ammo possession

After denying being in possession of both a firearm and several rounds of ammunition found during the search of a minibus, a miner was yesterday remanded to prison on the charges.

The first charge against Lebert Todd, 25, stated that on August 25, at Houston Public Road, he had a 9 mm pistol without being a licensed firearm holder.

It’s further alleged that on the said date that Todd had 15 live rounds of 9 mm ammunition without being a licensed firearm holder.

Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves objected to bail being granted, noting that the defendant had admitted to ownership of both the firearm and ammunition. The items, according to the prosecutor, were found in a bag the defendant had in his possession while he was in minibus PJJ 526.

Additionally, the court heard that while admitting in an oral statement to the charge, Todd said that he had purchased the gun from a man for $80,000.

Todd, who appeared to be in pain, told the court that he had no bag while he was in the bus. He stated that when the police stopped the bus and instructed the passengers to get out, there were two bags remaining on the bus. A woman picked up one while the police took the other. He said that the police told him that the bag and weapon belonged to him and they assaulted him. The defendant stated that he recently had surgery and was hit several times by the police in his tummy, and was later denied medical attention or even a phone call to his family.

He was later remanded to prison and will appear before Magistrate Fabayo Azore on September 13.

Meanwhile, Suraj Martin was granted bail after he was charged with being in possession of one 9 mm round.

The charge stated that on August 27, at Palm Court, he had one round of 9 mm ammunition when he was not a licensed firearm holder.

Martin denied the charge.

He was then granted $80,000 bail by Magistrate Latchman and will also make his next court appearance before Magistrate Azore on September 13.

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