CPL still to make profit after five years

(Barbados Nation) The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is still to make a profit after five years of operations.

While hailing the success of the event as the 2017 edition of the glitzy Twenty20 competition nears a climax, CPL chief executive officer Damien O’Donohoe revealed the tournament would not break even in spite of expected sellouts for the finals in Trinidad next week.

The CPL boss identified modest attendances for the four matches in Florida, limited media revenue and limitations in setting ticket prices among the factors for incurring a loss for the fifth successive year.

“We definitely won’t make a profit. We’re still in the growth stage. We have to support the franchise owners. We still have the same problems that we’ve always had in terms of ticket revenue. We can only charge a certain price because of the markets and how their economies have been in recent years. The money isn’t there and we don’t want to run anyone from the games,” O’Donohoe told WEEKENDSPORT.

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