Deputy Region 2 housing officer arrested over alleged house lots fraud

Safeia Razak

Deputy Regional Housing Officer for Region Two Safeia Razak was yesterday arrested for allegedly unlawfully collecting money from persons for house lots.

The police in Essequibo as well as officials of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) confirmed that the woman was arrested at her home at Anna Regina. She recently returned to work from vacation leave.

Razak’s arrest comes on the heels of the CH&PA announcing an audit of the Region Two office following the arrest of Omesh Sasenarayan, Regional Housing Officer for Region Two, who was alleged to have unlawfully collected $50,000 for a house lot and then issued a forged receipt.

Sasenarayan was arrested and placed on bail.

Stabroek News was reliably informed yesterday that it was following Sasenarayan’s arrest that reports were made both in Georgetown and Essequibo about Razak. Based on the number of complaints, this newspaper was told, she is being accused of collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from potential house lot owners and issuing them with bogus receipts.

A search of her office, this newspaper was also told, unearthed what appeared to be several blank bogus receipts and imitations of the cashier’s signature.

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