Escapee Uree Varswyk shot dead by police

-Mark Royden Williams was also at location

Uree Varswyk, one of the escapees from the Camp Street  prison on July 9th has been shot dead by the police in an operation in Linden, according to the Department of Public Information.

Varswyk was killed during a shootout with joint services ranks at Central Amelia’s Ward which started late last night,  acting Divisional Commander Superintendent Anthony Vanderhyden has confirmed.

Speaking to Stabroek News this morning he explained that acting on information ranks went to the area around 11.45 pm  and on approaching a house they came under fire. He said it was later discovered that the shooters were Varswyk and fellow escapee  Mark Royden Williams.

He said that ranks returned fire fatally wounding Varswyk, a former policeman, while Williams escaped.  It is unclear if Williams is injured.

Varswyk was dressed in a military vest and boots at the time of his death.

A 9mm pistol and 40 live rounds along with a backpack and cloth bag were found near his body, an official said, adding that the bag contained toiletries, medical supplies and a gas mask.

Additionally the acting commander said that hammocks were also found in the house.  It would appear that the duo was occupying the location for some time now. They along with four others escaped from the Camp Street prison during a fiery uprising on July 9.

Joint Services ranks are engaged in a  pursuit aimed at the recapture of Williams.

Acting Commissioner David Ramnarine has since expressed thanks to members of the public who provided vital information which led ranks to the duo.

Varswyk’s body is currently at the Linden Hospital morgue.

Varswyk had been charged with several murders and was said to be a key figure in the breakout. He was identified by several persons as having had a weapon.

Police sources had told Stabroek News last month that they believed that Varswyk and his fellow escapees from July 9th were still in the country.

Williams, who had previously attempted to escape lawful custody, was in February of this year sentenced to death after being convicted on seven of the twelve counts of murder in the February 17, 2008 Bartica massacre.

Varswyk, a former Tactical Services Unit trainer, was last year committed to stand trial for the murder of Sterling Products Ltd security guard Wilfred Stewart, who was shot multiple times during a foiled robbery at the company’s Providence, East Bank Demerara establishment.

Food supplies at the hideout (Police photo)
Camouflage gear was among the clothing found (Police photo)
The gun and ammo retrieved from the scene (Police photo)
Some of the items found at the hideout (Police photo)
Mark Royden Williams

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