Nand Persaud wins ad award for Pure Acreage Rice campaign

The Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) has awarded Nand Persaud and Company Limited with the Silver Addy Award for its Pure Acreage Rice social media campaign, which has been recognised as being among the top advertising campaigns in the Caribbean.

A simple award ceremony was held on Thursday last at the Nand Persaud and Company boardroom, located in Number 36 Village, Corentyne, Cerbice.

It was disclosed at the ceremony that the G&A Communications Group began working with Nand Persaud and Company over one year ago on re-branding the company, so as to ensure that it could dominate new markets.

From left are Mohindra Persaud, CEO of Nand Persaud and Company Limited, with Devesh Persaud, the company’s Marketing Manager, and Devin Griffith, Chairman and CEO of the G&A Communications Group.

Devin Griffith, Chairman and CEO of the G&A Communications Group, who presented the award at the ceremony, noted that the advertising and marketing for the Pure Acreage product was one that has met international standards. He emphasised that it can be compared to major international manu- facturers’ marketing campaigns. According to Griffith, the group’s main focus was to ensure “… True success of the company and that [it] can be well represented so that it will be a force to reckon with.”

He then explained that a lot of research was done to see where the company needed to go and several steps had to be taken, including training staff.


He added that a new corporate image was developed for Nand Persaud’s products, while explaining that the group looked at how the repackaging of the products could be executed. “That process then led us to the market communication programme, where you got fantastic products, packaging looks great but now you have to get the word out, you have to take these products to markets regionally and internationally, so with that we developed the full-fledged communication pro- gramme and part of that was a digital media programme,” he further explained, before congratulating the creativity of the company’s management team.

Meanwhile, Mohindra Persaud, Chief Executive Officer of Nand Persaud and Company Limited, who received the award, noted that one of his company’s aims is standing out in the market and doing business differently. “We try to do things differently, we try to create things that showcase Guyana,” he said.

He stressed that the company will continue to showcase Guyana’s vast potential and attributes in its products on regional and international platforms, so as to make citizens proud.

The CAF is the first and only non-American member of the American Advertising Federation and is part of the 4th District of Florida and the Caribbean.

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