Man charged with attempted chopping after row over plants

An argument about the chopping down of plants landed a construction worker before a city court on a charge that he attempted to chop a man with a cutlass.

Godfrey Chalmers appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman, who read two charges against him.

The first charge stated that on August 29, at D’Urban Backlands Squatting Area, Chalmers, 37, unlawfully assaulted Claymon Pollydore.

It is further alleged that on the very date and at the very location, he used threatening behaviour towards Pollydore.

Chalmers denied both charges.

The court heard from the police prosecutor that Chalmers was chopping down Pollydore’s plants and the man approached him about it.

This later resulted in Chalmers allegedly pushing down Pollydore and then using a cutlass he had at the time to fire several chops at him.

The prosecutor noted that Pollydore later managed to escape from Chalmers.

Magistrate Latchman subsequently granted Chalmers his release on a total of $50,000 bail; $30,000 for the threatening behaviour charge and $20,000 for the assault charge.

Chalmers then begged the court for a reduction of bail, while stating that he cannot afford the high bail because he has five children and only started back working recently.

He was nevertheless ordered to post the sum that was set and to return to court on September 5.