Contractor defends rehab works on Manchester school

-says completion delayed after region expanded project 

Mark Gupta, the Berbice contractor who came under scrutiny for not completing the rehabilitation works on the Manchester Secondary School in time for the start of the new school term, is claiming that this was due to several changes being made during the project.

Gupta, of 4A Engineering, also defended the integrity of the works done on the school complex, which he said are up to standard.

He told Stabroek News that the project ran late mainly because the region expanded the project to include other minor works.

He added that the project is expected to be completed over the next three to four weekends.

Regional Chairman David Armogan toured the Manchester Secondary School on Monday and voiced his disappointment that the works were not completed. As a result of the situation, students had to be housed in laboratories instead of regular classrooms, which Armogan called unacceptable.

He had also observed that there seemed to be no support for a bridge that was constructed and noted that the contractor did not clean up areas where he had completed works.

However, Gupta stressed that the construction of the bridge was up to standard and he said that persons without engineering portfolios should not pronounce on contracting works being completed.

The contractor added too that a ceiling, which was infested by bats, had to be removed and cleaned. He said, that the contract did not specify the replacement of the structure, as was stated by the chairman.

When asked about cleaning up areas where works were completed, Gupta said that he had indeed cleared certain areas where works were completed but noted that it was not his responsibility alone to clean the entire school.

Meanwhile, Gupta also made it clear that he was not awarded the Baracara revetment project, which had been reported by this newspaper. Stabroek News was able to confirm that Gupta’s brother, Michael was awarded the revetment project, however, the contractor, when contacted stated that the issues raised about those works were dealt with and resolved. Michael Gupta has nothing to do with the Manchester school works.

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