Labourer found dead in canal at back of Charity

The police on the Essequibo Coast are investigating the death of a father of three who went missing on Tuesday afternoon last.

Dead is Terrence Theodore Ramcharran,  34, a labourer of Lot 26 New Road, Essequibo Coast,

whose body was found floating in a canal at the  back of Charity.

According to family members of Ramcharran, he was last seen alive on Tuesday around 4 pm consuming alcohol with two friends.

Police and residents where the body of Terrence Ramcharran was found
Terrence Ramcharran

The wife of Ramcharran, Shalana Ramcharran said that around 5:30 pm on Tuesday she received a telephone call saying that her husband had drowned.

“After that I went down the road to look for him and we ain’t find he no way and he sister in law went by the scene but only find his slippers. Then we hear that the two bai he was drinking with  leave he in the canal and they say he was swimming in the water.”

Shalana said that she expected her husband to be at home on Tuesday night but when he did not return home, she became worried.

Yesterday morning, she went to the Charity Police Station to make a missing person’s report.

“I tell the police what happen and then I gone to the place where he was drinking and then I saw the man that does look after the koker and he said that the place was smelling bad and he was the one who decide and gone in the canal and start look for he. After the first feeling, he find he and take he out.”

Police were informed and the body was taken from the canal and to the Suddie Hospital Mortuary and is awaiting a post-mortem examination.

The two friends who were last seen with Ramcharran are expected to be questioned by the police.

Investigations are continuing.

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