Heavy rainfall floods Linden

-residents report damage to appliances after lightning strikes

Flooding on Republic Avenue, in the vicinity of the Mackenzie Post Office on Wednesday.

Hours of rain in Linden on Wednesday resulted in sections of the town being flooded, while lightning strikes caused damage to utility poles and appliances, the town’s Mayor reported yesterday.

Mayor Carwyn Holland told Stabroek News that by yesterday, the water, which he said had been about a foot high in some places, had receded. However, he said that on Wednesday, areas such as Central McKenzie, Redwood Crescent and Speightland were flooded.

“Republic Avenue flooded. Something I’ve not seen in a while. This reiterates the need for better monitoring of drainage systems. Several drains were recently done by the RDC,” Holland said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

He related yesterday that residents had complained of their television sets and other such appliances being damaged during the event, which also left the town without power.

The last instance of flooding in Linden occurred in June, when the missing door of a koker caused rising floodwaters on the Wismar Shore and in sections of Mackenzie.

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