Cop being investigated over assault on civilian in outpost

A police corporal is now the subject of an investigation after he was seen in a recently circulated video assaulting a male civilian, who visited the police outpost on Water Street, Georgetown to make a report.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman told Stabroek News that an investigation has been launched by the Office of Professional Responsi-  bility.

In the meantime, Chapman noted that the police rank was transferred to another department to facilitate the probe.

The police officer who allegedly assaulted the civilian in the outpost

In the two-minute video, which was recorded by the civilian and subsequently shared on Facebook, he is heard repeatedly asking to make a report of an alleged threat to him by another individual on Regent Street and Avenue of the Republic. Two ranks, including the corporal, were present in the outpost, which is located near the Muneshwers building on Water Street.

However, the ranks refused to take a report from him and directed him to the Brickdam Police Station.

“I come to the outpost and you telling me I got to go to Brickdam for something that happen on Regent Street deh? …I asking yuh if I can’t mek a report at the outpost?” the man is heard saying.

“Corporal or police, ah asking yuh if I cannot make a report, an official report at the outpost? Something that occurred on Regent Street… I asking yuh if I cannot mek a report at the outpost? Yuh see how long yuh got me hay stand up? Yuh tell meh ah gah go Brickdam, you ain’t answering me,” the man continued.

The police constable who was seen sitting behind the counter in the outpost

After the man’s repeated requests, the corporal is heard asking him to leave the outpost, since he was carrying a “beer bottle.” But the civilian denied that he had any bottle in his possession and none is seen in the recording.

At this point, the corporal rose from his seat and reportedly hit the man, whilst saying. “Get out the blasted place and stop drinking in hay. Yuh hear what I said.”

The civilian then told him that he could not assault him.

“You cannot be drinking in here,” the policeman replied, while pushing the man.

“You cannot assault me. You see y’all two assaulting me in here. Don’t mek I put this video up on the Facebook yuh know,” the civilian warned the officers.

He denied drinking any beer and the police officer was seen making a phone call as the civilian was heard saying he was going to Brickdam Police Station.

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